Our Services
We are proud to Provide only the best quality to all of our clients time and time again. A. Barber Environmental & Excavating provide services In:
24/7 Emergency Response
Tank Removal & Installation
AST/UST Service
Oil Spill Clean Up
Contaminated soil Excavating & Disposal
Commercial + Residential Site Work
Sewer + Water Repair & Replacement
Land Clearing
Snow Removal Commercial & Residential

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About the Company
A. Barber Environmental & Excavating, is a privately owned corporation of professionals with diverse backgrounds in all areas of environmental management, remediation technologies, geologic and engineering consulting. Our office offers a wide range of geographic coverage to service the needs of our clients.

We have the experience working closely with’ Regional Water Quality Control Boards, Departments of Health Services, Oil Inspection, Departments of Environmental Protection(DEP), Department of Environmental Management (DEM)and Quality.

Our Team Of professionals include state-registered geologists, certified environmental managers, registered professional engineers, registered environmental assessors, and groundwater scientists, all with years of experience and expertise in working with underground storage tank sites, surface and subsurface pollution assessments and remediation, preliminary site assessments, computer engineering, and financial and economic analysis.

Our Team Has completed at least the minimum required 40 hours of OSHA mandated health and safety training for work on hazardous waste sites. All personnel are capable of determining the presence of hazardous conditions at a site and implementing the appropriate level of personal protection to protect the health and safety of the involved workers. Our comprehensive health and safety policy enforces preparation and implementation of specific health and safety plans for each project site.

A Barber and his personnel have experience working under regional contracts and partnering agreements with major oil companies, pollution insurance companies, independent jobbers, school districts, lending institutions, and other private-and public-sector enterprises.