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We are proud to Provide only the best quality to all of our clients time and time again. A. Barber Environmental & Excavating provide services In:
24/7 Emergency Response
Tank Removal & Installation
AST/UST Service
Oil Spill Clean Up
Contaminated soil Excavating & Disposal
Commercial + Residential Site Work
Sewer + Water Repair & Replacement
Land Clearing
Snow Removal Commercial & Residential

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Environmental Services

We take pride in the ability to offer a wide range of consulting and remediation design services nationwide. From brown-field investigation and clean up to underground storage tank removal and everything in between,We Deliver the environmental solutions to your business needs.

Our Team understands the unique needs that face small and medium-sized business owners on a daily basis. As a result, we are proud to be able to offer our services on an as needed basis. This ability allows business owners who need environmental consulting but cannot afford to have a full time staff dedicated to keeping up with the ever changing landscape of environmental regulations. Keeping current with regulations and maintaining compliance is essential to avoiding potential fines that come with non-compliance.

A. Barber Environmental offers each of our clients the expertise you would expect from a large corporation, with the customer service you expect from a fellow small business owner. We invite you to read up on the many services that We offer and to contact us should you have any questions.

Emergency Spill Response

Our personnel are trained in 40 hour OSHA HAZWOPER and management for emergency response activities. We are equipped to deal with leaking underground or above ground storage tank systems, petroleum tanker rollovers, storage tank overfills and any other emergency that could arise from the storage, transport or delivery of petroleum products. We have teamed with other local contractors to offer turnkey service for an emergency response.

One call to A. Barber Environmental & Excavating and the following services can be coordinated:

  • Management and deployment of materials and subcontractors required to clean up the release
  • Proper documentation and notification of the proper local, state and federal agencies
  • Recovery trench installation to capture free petroleum product in the subsurface
  • Sampling and disposal of the petroleum product
  • Sampling of the soil and water affected by the spill
  • Excavation of affected soil and confirmation sampling
  • Sampling and disposal of excavated materials
  • All documentation and reporting of the response activities
  • Site Characterization by soil boring and groundwater monitoring, if required
  • Remediation of affected soil and groundwater, if required
  • Final project results reports and obtaining regulatory closure

Soil and Groundwater Investigation and Remediation Design

  • A Barber Environmental offers a broad range of time proven, state-of-the-art investigation and remediation technologies and services designed to define the problem and identify the best approach to cleanup and restoring the soil and groundwater to acceptable levels. The Apex team has extensive investigation and remediation experience in dealing with petroleum hydrocarbons, solvents, heavy metals, and pesticides in soils, groundwater, and air. The Apex goal is to provide a system tailored to meet capital needs while reducing long-term operation and maintenance costs while achieving results in the timeliest manner possible.

    A. Barber Environmental & Excavating offers the following treatment-related services and technologies:

    • Geo Probe and Split-Spoon sampling Site Characterizations
    • Remediation Feasibility Studies
    • In Situ Vapor Extraction, Air Sparge and Dual-Phase Systems
    • System Design, Permitting, and Installation
    • Soil, Air, and Groundwater Modeling
    • System Effectiveness Evaluations
    • Construction Management
    • Turnkey Projects
    • Bio-Venting Systems
    • In Situ Bioremediation
    • Excavation and Ex Situ Soil Treatments
    • Impacted Soil and Groundwater Containment
    • Groundwater Removal and Ex Situ Groundwater Treatments
    • Aquifer, Soil, and Air Pilot Testing
    • Post Use Remediation System Management
    • System Data Telemetry

    Soil Testing & Soil Sampling

    Integrity and accuracy is the cornerstone of the standards-based soil sampling approach that A. Barber Environmental & Excavating has utilized our resources and know-how to execute each project efficiently and cost effective for almost 10 years. A. Barber Environmental & Excavating realizes no two jobs are quite the same and variations at times need to be made. Only with a solid standards-based foundation has A.B.E.E been able to keep the big picture of representative sampling, personnel safety, cross-contamination elimination and chain of custody on the forefront while adapting to variable soil types, site conditions and accessibility issues. Agencies and property owners can rest assured that A.B.E.E will collect soil samples accurately with uncompromisable integrity.

    A.B.E.E per-plans all soil sampling efforts; researching, recognizing, and taking all factors, including the governing body (agency), into account before stepping onside will enable the best decision making possible. Knowing to what extent the soil is to be sampled and planning beforehand ensures the correct sampling methods will be employed and the right equipment and personnel will be on-site and ready to go. A key element to the standards-based approach is A.B.E.E's training program. All A.B.E.E professionals have OHSA's 40 hour HAZWOPER certification and are capable of assessing site conditions and appropriate levels of protection for all involved workers. Practical training is another element that does not get overlooked. Every piece of sampling equipment at A.B.E.E's disposal has unique operational functions and associated techniques that are second nature A.B.E.E's professionals working in the field. Soil sampling equipment will always be used correctly and effectively.

    A primary problem associated with soil sampling is the potential for cross-contamination of samples. This occurs when sampling equipment introduces contamination to a sample as a result of the operator not properly cleaning and decontaminating the equipment in between uses. By Eliminating that completely A.B.E.E. makes cross-contamination a non-issue by impeccably following guidelines mandating steam-cleaning or washing and double rinsing equipment in between sampling sites. The same applies to all rental equipment and owner-operators that subcontract with A.B.E.E. Representative soil sampling is at the heart of Apex's foundation and will always be the guiding force.

    The integrity of each soil sample is maintained at the highest of levels through strict chain of custody procedures and test method appropriate preservation. Generally, a soil sample interval will consist of three to four soil samples that are representative of one another. One portion is utilized for screening on -site with either a portable photo ionization detector (PID), flame ionization detector (FID), or a combustible gas detector. Another portion will be used by Apex's Professional Geologists to classify the soil sample's physical characteristics and description according to the Unified Soil Classification System. The remaining portions are hermetically sealed and cooled, and in the event the samples cannot be submitted to the analytical soil testing laboratory the same day they are collected, they will be refrigerated until the first opportunity for submittal.

    Upon arrival at the analytical soil testing laboratory, each sample will be assigned a unique log number that will be recorded on chain of custody documents and used to identify each sample throughout the soil testing and reporting processes. A.B.E.E believes there is no substitute for adhering to strict guidelines and makes no exception when sampling and classifying soil.