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We are proud to Provide only the best quality to all of our clients time and time again. A. Barber Environmental & Excavating provide services In:
24/7 Emergency Response
Tank Removal & Installation
AST/UST Service
Oil Spill Clean Up
Contaminated soil Excavating & Disposal
Commercial + Residential Site Work
Sewer + Water Repair & Replacement
Land Clearing
Snow Removal Commercial & Residential

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A. Barber Environmental & Excavating, is a privately owned corporation of professionals with diverse backgrounds in all areas of environmental management, remediation technologies, geologic and engineering consulting.

If you have an abandoned storage tank on your property, you’ve got a disaster waiting to happen.
It’s only a matter of time before that tank begins to leak. And a leaking underground or aboveground storage tank can present a huge liability.

Your storage tank problem won’t go away until the storage tank does. That’s where we come in.

We’ve been removing unwanted underground and aboveground storage tanks since
we opened for business almost 10 years ago. We’ve removed hundreds so far. Quickly, safely, cost-effectively and, of course, legally.

We provide total solutions to storage tank problems as well as any part of the solution. Our UST/AST removal services include:

  • Underground storage tank removal
  • Aboveground storage tank dismantling and demolition
  • Soil sampling and analysis
  • Site remediation and restoration
  • Residual waste transportation and disposal
  • Installation of new updated and safer Tanks


If you have a question about your tank, Or specific concern please look at our Frequently Asked questions section HERE